Employment Opportunities

Working for Healthe means working for a company that's taking a new and innovative approach to healthcare.

Everyday more than 2,000 people go to work for the Healthe Group in Australia to serve our patients and clients from 14 locations.

We offer an exciting and diverse range of career opportunities in all our businesses and corporate areas, including:

  • Hands-on hospital care and medical services for our 80,000 annual patients
  • Rehabilitation of injured workers
  • Delivery of customised workplace health and wellness programs
  • Administration, finance, IT and service delivery

Healthe recongnises our people are out greatest strength. We're always on the lookout for skilled people who are driven to make a difference, regardless of role.

Working with Healthe gives you access to a range of employee benefits including:

  • Opportunites to further develop your qualifications and skills
  • Career advancement
  • Transfer within the Healthe Group
  • Possibility of travel

This is your opportunity to contribute to a team that's making healthcare better.

So why not kick start your career with Healthe now! Contact us on + 61 2 9215 8200 or employment@healthe.com

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